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Summary Scripts to create packages from a subversion repository
Category deployment
License GNU General Public License
Owner(s) meeuw


svnpkg is a tool to generate packages from a Subversion repository. When you use svnpkg your packages will be automatically versioned.

This figure shows how svnpkg works:
graph of svnpkg infrastructure

svnpkg should be usable for all packagers, for now it only supports RPM.

Why should you use svnpkg?

  • Your packages will always be correctly versioned
  • For seamless deployment from a subversion repository
  • All needed information to create a package is versioned in a subversion repository

svnpkg will be able to use various packaging environments, deb/epm/msi/autoconf etc.

svnpkg should be compatible with all packaging tools, the main feature is to set the version number. For now it's a BASH shell script for a UNIX environment.